How I approach updates & training using videos

I used to spend A TON of time trying to keep documentation updated. When you work on a single product, it can be beneficial to have knowledgebases and work through the ins and outs of a single product. But when you spend most of your time building the a variety of applications, websites and industries, it’s way better to minimize the time and get the people in the know of how to move forward.

As of last week, I record walkthroughs of all my systems and what is being built day over day. It saves me time, and really expresses how to use things for my already busy and on the move clients. Youtube and Quicktime have been essential to making this a seamless process.

Check out one of the videos below:


Building a better Trolley tracking mobile experience in Dallas

Alex and I take the Trolley often, but constantly find ourselves at the mercy of the delays and movement. Myself, Nick, Kyle and Jamie decided to take on trying to build a better platform for scheduling and monitoring the trolleys. After finding the live feed of geodata from the trolleys, we set off into Firebase, node, and Ionic for an awesome passion project.

Currently Building – Jenna Jenovich

With 2.4m Instagram followers, and a need to monetize, we’re laying the foundation of her blog with a new site design from various references and styles. Love the sliders on mobile and the quickness to load. Next steps is improving the pagespeeds results.