Using Dictation for Google Docs

So little known fact, Google Docs has the built-in voice to text. However, there is a catch: compared to an add-on: Soundwriter, I can honestly say I don’t think I’ll type another summary doc or meeting notes ever again. Tomorrow is my first test in a meeting (I was scrambling to find an awesome dictation tool for when I’m stuck giving lectures at a whiteboard.) and came across this little guy. Comparatively, it sits VERY close to Dragon Naturally Speaking, which costs $300!

Also, check out Grammarly, really awesome type checking 😀

TeamGantt: Incredible gantt charting for my teams

For any developers that are having a hard time keeping their projects on track, the project manager at ParkHub recommended I get way more involved in Gantt charting. My first day of gantt-ing has been unreal.

For single project, this is a free tool and crazy useful out of the box.

I’ve managed to map my week and fill in gaps of time I have with ease while also not wasting much time managing multiple boards or tools.

Trello has been a go to favorite for years, but I find myself not meeting goals, just developing tasks. There’s no inherited priority or closure to the tasks I’m meeting.

So, TeamGantt has been already one of my favorite tools in the SaaS space and I can’t wait to keep it going.


Testing out WebVR for some upcoming projects

WebVR is such an awesome new feature (about a year old now) for any mobile web browser. There are tons of options to take 360 photos / videos now that it’s no wonder WebVR content is being adopted by every mobile application and network.

With that said, I firmly believe in testing new stuff out. So, without further ado, 360 photo testing! Highly recommend, just opening this post on your phone and spinning around / looking up and down 😀

Easy Web Push Notifications with OneSignal

I hate email notifications. Hate them. So I decided to try out OneSignal’s Web Push Notifications . It took me roughly 5 minutes to completely implement web push notifications for this blog. You can now subscribe to my blog updates by clicking the alert notification icon on any browser in the lower right hand corner.

Update: WordPress Admin Styling

Last week I was working on trying to get a fresh take on WordPress Admin styles. I’ve been staring at the same bland dashboard for around 8 years now. I’ve adjusted all the fonts, font sizes, removed unnecessary columns, and highlighted key features I use often. If you use WordPress, would love to hear what you wish you could change about the admin. Next is going to be the dashboard view!